Saturday, February 27, 2010

We Got It This Time!

Check out the cool 3d pics we got on Friday- science is so amazing.

So these can look scary for those not prepared- it's not an alien baby and you've got to take them with a grain of salt with everything floating around in there. And the tech had to stay zoomed in so we couldnt see any private parts, so it makes it a little fuzzier. But there's no black eyes, the growth that looks like it's coming off it's head is the placenta, the cord is just under the chin, the bumpy head look is apparently the hair folicles, and the eyes are a little scary when they're open in there since there's nothing for them to focus on. Other than that, a very cool experience. There's one with the tongue sticking out- I ate an apple right before we went in and the tech said that was why and I thought that was hilarious.

And it looks like we have a Chunk McChunkster on our hands- the technician estimated the baby already at 4lb, and at 31 weeks we're only supposed to be around 3.2 for an avg! She noted several times how surprised she was baby was so big...great. That's all a first-time mom needs to hear. Look at those pinchable cheeks and double chin already! This scares the sh** out of me for labor since we're pretty much looking at at least 1/2lb per week from here on out, but hopefully there was just a little growth spurt in there from the extra milk lately and the weight gain in there will chill out for the home stretch. The doc will pay close attention to how big my stomach is measuring to keep track of the weight- if we get too big, we may be going a little earlier than April 30. Mom-to-be is praying we're not over 9lb! Really praying.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I know, I know

29 weeks 3 days

Sorry for the MIA. It's been a crazy couple of weeks. Interviewed for a job last Tuesday, got offered the job last Friday, started working Monday. But I'm not complaining...I'm out of the house woo hoo! The role of a lackadaisical Orange County Housewife is over and back into the motivating corporate world I go. Thank you God, someone was about to get hurt...most likely our bank account from going shopping just to relieve boredom. So here we go back to our previously scheduled program...

Baby’s energy is surging, thanks to the formation of white fat deposits beneath the skin. (Have those kicks and jabs to the ribs tipped you off yet?) Baby is also settling into sleep and waking cycles, though -- as you’ve also probably noticed -- they don’t necessarily coincide with your own. Also this month, all five senses are finally functional, and the brain and nervous system are going through major developments.

How far along?
29th week
Total weight gain/loss: +3lb the last 2 weeks, +25lb total. Seeing as this was "my goal" weight gain for the whole ordeal, I am not a happy camper. When we attempted to do the 3d ultrasound this week, the technician asked how much I've gained and commented that she wouldn't be able to tell that with the smaller stomach that I have. I idiotically took a little pride in this moment, but then "bring-you-back-to-reality" Troy commented afterward "Yeah, I'm sure she doesn't say that to everyone." Thanks oh loved one.
Stretch marks? My pants/underwear skin indentation lines are playing evil tricks with my eyes. There are still no stretch marks, but that dark creepy line that I thought was starting in the last post, is not. Whenever I call you freaking out about some strange rash that has broken out across my baby's skin, please remind me that it's probably just the pajamas.
Sleep: I'm ok, but ask Troy and he may answer differently. Apparently the decreased lung capacity & stuffy pregnancy nose has moved me into the category of a "loud sleeper". I understand his observation though, as I commented on how I now know why heavier people are always out of breath from just walking across the room. No joke, I got up to go to the bathroom one day and noticed the increased rate through my nostrils from just getting to the toilet. Talk about a feel good moment. And yes smart asses, that was before the actual act of going to the bathroom.
Best moment this week: Even though it was a bust, we did get an amazing sneak peak at peanut in the attempted 3d ultrasound. I was so excited to see science's amazing capability of what it actually looked like in the new hippest community of Jessica's Womb. First was the heartbeat, a solid 145bpm. Then up on the screen pops this little head in 3d mode, but the side profile was barely visible as baby was snuggled up against the placenta, away from the camera. The technician asked if I'd been feeling a lot of hiccups from down there, and I told her I've felt like my pelvis has it's own pulse lately. She explained it was because the baby was doing a lot of sucking on the umbilical cord! Sure enough, there baby was, sucking away on it's own lifeline. That's all I need to worry about now, my baby gnawing through the freaking cord.

And I think we have a gymnast- the baby was folded up like a card table with it's toes poking the eye. I was uncomfortable just looking at the position- use those knees child! So we observe what we can from the shy position the baby was in- 10 fingers, 10 toes. The technician said putting on weight very well (great, here comes that 9lb baby). Cute little ears. And from what the technician could tell- a MOHAWK. If that's you in there Lyla, you may want to rethink your choice of hairstyle.

So we of course want to see that beautiful face, so we start jiggling my tummy and having me move from hip to hip to get the little bugger to turn and awake. How dare we try and disturb almighty one's sleep time- he or she was NOT having it. The more we tried, the more baby turned away. Sounds like someone I used to know back in 6th grade when her mom was trying to wake her up for school.
Thankfully, these people have you reschedule if your baby is being an all covered up Michael Jackson the first time around. So we're back to photoshoot numero 2 on Fri, 2/26. Here are the best shots from round #1 though...

Troy was fully freaked out by a complete roll baby did while we were observing my bare stomach in bed. Way till he gets a load of the complete roll baby can put in a diaper.
Gender: I am still thinking girl, Troy now thinks boy from the 3d ultrasound. I think he was swayed when the technician said she thought the baby looked more like dad. You know his head swelled to twice the size after hearing that, or he was praying his poor little girl didn't look like him haha.
Labor Signs: The labor of being able to sit. My back has decided to riot against the extra strain that the selfish, expanding neighbor Peanut has put on her, and is speaking up to the landlord. There is one particular nerve going from my left shoulder blade, down to my mid-back that just won't let up. If I'm walking around or laying down- no problemo. But if I'm trying to just sit on the couch or in the chair, forget about getting comfy. I tried to get adjusted by a chiropractor- 4 hours later the pain was back. Normally this is where the Loritabs would solve all. But seeing as I don't want my baby coming out as Keith Richards, I think we'll just have to do with some Tylenol and heating pads. So looking forward to the next 10 weeks of this until Peanut is evicted.
Food Cravings: Milk. But picture this...I wake up to a starving baby...ok starving Jessica... yesterday morning after 11 hours of sleep. I make a fantastic egg and cheese sami on buttered, toasted fresh bread. I down a glass of milk half way through the meal and ask Troy for a refill. He opens the other quart he purchased the day before, and brings me my fresh glass. I start pounding it, only to realize on the second gulp it tastes more like a Sour Patch Kid than milk. I spit forth the sour cream from my mouth and get to the sink where I'm just gagging repeatedly. He's lucky I didn't throw up as I glanced at the container that read "Best if used by 2/10/10." It was 2/13.
What I miss: According to Troy, I should miss the days of being only a "one pack" birthday. He oh-so-kindly reminded me that it took 2 packs of 24 candles to cover my birthday cake on Friday. But I couldnt get too mad since the guy walked 2 miles, while sick, to get some birthday cake mix for me while I had the car at work. Walking into a house filled with Funfetti smell pardons you of all smart ass comments for the month. And we all know that's a big pardon.
What I am looking forward to: I know it's crazy, but work on Monday. It's the only place where my back doesn't hurt. Go figure.
Weekly Wisdom: Flats that used to be cute, are now hideous while trying to stuff the sausages of what I guess are my feet now. Heels are laughing at me when I look at them willingly in my closet. My poor rings are hanging on by a thread as the fingers are swolen by lunchtime. You can drink all the water you want, and it's still like you just finished walking 20 miles. And I should know since I've done this many times! I guess my wisdom has been to stick with boots & sneakers, and laugh as the Housewives of Boston at the grocery store look at me in disgust with no wedding ring on. Suckers.
Milestones: I guess I should recap results from the last doctor's visit on 2/5: Baby was a solid 135bpm, stomach was on track at 28cm, blood pressure is perfect, and we passed the glucose test! Next appointment is Wed, 2/17.
Baby Brain Moment of the Week: Thinking that I was actually surprising some of my new bosses when I told them my first day on Monday that I was pregnant. They chuckled and said they were 95% sure that I was pregnant while interviewing, and not just enjoying too many cheeseburgers since they saw me last in September. I guess the baggy shirt didn't do much and men are smarter than what I give them credit for.
Weekly Belly Pic: I just want to reiterate my thankfulness of it not being summer where I'd have to bare more skin. And you as a reader should be thankful as well :)