Saturday, February 27, 2010

We Got It This Time!

Check out the cool 3d pics we got on Friday- science is so amazing.

So these can look scary for those not prepared- it's not an alien baby and you've got to take them with a grain of salt with everything floating around in there. And the tech had to stay zoomed in so we couldnt see any private parts, so it makes it a little fuzzier. But there's no black eyes, the growth that looks like it's coming off it's head is the placenta, the cord is just under the chin, the bumpy head look is apparently the hair folicles, and the eyes are a little scary when they're open in there since there's nothing for them to focus on. Other than that, a very cool experience. There's one with the tongue sticking out- I ate an apple right before we went in and the tech said that was why and I thought that was hilarious.

And it looks like we have a Chunk McChunkster on our hands- the technician estimated the baby already at 4lb, and at 31 weeks we're only supposed to be around 3.2 for an avg! She noted several times how surprised she was baby was so big...great. That's all a first-time mom needs to hear. Look at those pinchable cheeks and double chin already! This scares the sh** out of me for labor since we're pretty much looking at at least 1/2lb per week from here on out, but hopefully there was just a little growth spurt in there from the extra milk lately and the weight gain in there will chill out for the home stretch. The doc will pay close attention to how big my stomach is measuring to keep track of the weight- if we get too big, we may be going a little earlier than April 30. Mom-to-be is praying we're not over 9lb! Really praying.

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