Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Now for my next new house project...

the nursery!

I have found my inspiration for our nursery. Gender neutral these days = barnyard crib sets which I haven't been in love with, so I was getting frustrated on what to do. Add on the fact that we can't paint the walls here in this rental, and they're yellow..ugh. So I came across a color palette of yellow/dark gray/white that I fell in love with. Sounds odd in words, but look how gorgeous it looks...

I have fallen in love with this design I found, but will need to do some changes like flip the colors since the wall here is already yellow. I was thinking I'll just do the wall mural in the dark gray/white on large canvases so I can actually take them with me the next time we move! And then do the bedding in more of the grays as well. What do you think??


  1. grey and yellow is my favorite color combination! i love it!

  2. OMG - LOVE the color combo!!! Gorgeous! What if you paint and then re-paint before you move out??? They'd never know???!!!! We've done that in every rental we've ever lived in... whatever you decide, it's going to be awesome!!!!

  3. I already have to refinish some dressers in there, so I'm going to pass on painting the whole room as well. We just were allowed to paint over an accent wall in the living room that we hated, and that was a battle to get approval there. The issue is, the landlords are on the other side of the house, so even in the 1 week we've lived here, it seems like they're always visiting. Which thankfully they're really nice people, but I'm pretty sure they'll notice the goth dark walls ;)

  4. this looks really nice. is there anyway you can design this online so you can see what it would look like in the flip may find you dont like it as much or be disapointed in what it looks like. just a thought.
    also, maybe i am just paranoid and ian is a very active boy but i never wanted to hang anything above his crib for fear it would fall on him then when he got older he definatly would have ripped it off the walls. they do sell wall applique stickers that are removable that we put behind ian's crib/bed and they restick so you can use them again when you move.