Saturday, December 12, 2009

Over half-way done!!!!

20 weeks 2 days

Baby's digestive system is busy creating meconium (a tarry black substance made of swallowed amniotic fluid, digestive secretion and dead cells), which will fill the first diaper after birth. And, speaking of the diaper situation... baby's genitals are now fully formed!

How far along? 20th week
Total weight gain/loss: +3lb in the last 2 weeks. +15lb total. I'm thinking I'm screwed and this is a repeat of my mother-in-law's 9-10lb babies.
Stretch marks? None so far. Go body go!
Sleep: This is an interesting subject with the move. Since our queen boxpspring did not fit up the stairs in the new house, we've been sleeping on the guest room double bed where there is no room for Snoogle- not cool. But thankfully I have been exhausted enough from the never-ending boxes getting unpacked that I just pass out for 11 hours a night. I do not want to see cardboard for another 12 months. But no fear, Troy found a video on You Tube where a Mexican construction crew wings it by cutting it in half, bringing it up the stairs, and putting it back together. Oh yeah, I have a real Bob Villa on my hands.
Best moment this week: Moving to Hingham. This town is the cutest and the view of the water makes it all better under a stressful moment. And I'm in love with my new grocery store. Hello- a coffee cup holder on the cart after getting coffee from the front of the store- priceless. Liquor, beer, & wine all in one stop- heaven. A scanner to use as you shop and then give to the checkout to ring up all at once and prevent having to put any items on the conveyor- perfection.
Movement: Troy finally felt the baby kick! As usual the baby was having playtime late at night (which better not continue after birth) and Troy was right there on the couch to finally feel it. He/she is really letting their presence be known and I love it.
Gender: I am still thinking girl, but I'm trying to prepare myself for boy too just in case. Maybe it's because we agreed on a girl name a long time ago, but the boy name is a constant battle. Whatever name I love, he dislikes and vice versa. This is coming from a man who likes the names Lujack and you see what I'm working with?!
Labor Signs: The labor of moving our stuff from 3300 sq ft to 1800. There is a catastrophe in the Dolly household as there is no where to store Jessica's purses.
Food Cravings: None really. But the Cape Cod Salt & Vinegar chips def made it into my cart this week.
What I miss: Not having to pull my pants up every 2 minutes. The belly keeps pushing the waistband down and exposing parts that havent been in the sun in ages, so I think I'm graduating to the absurd maternity pants that go up to your boobs.
What I am looking forward to: Finding a new doc next week and touring the neighboring hospitals. I know this won't be a fun process since there are like 10 doctors to choose from in just 1 practice, but it will certainly ease some stress in not having to deliver my baby to a random intern that was on duty that night if finding a new doctor wasn't at the top of my to-do list...which is a ridiculous list at the moment including "Buy boots." since I've been parading around in flats with snow or 20 degree temps out.
Weekly Wisdom: Don't count your chicks before they hatch. I had a job lined up here, but before I was able to start, Grainger decided to axe it from the 2010 budget in order to send the salary funds elsewhere. I would have been co-managing 4 major accounts, so they decided to have just the existing guy handle it. Grrrrreat. Appreciate that boys. So instead of wasting my time interviewing with a 6 or 7-month preggers belly that shouts the message "even if you hire me, I'm going to need at least 2 months off right after I start", I'm going to play housewife/stay-at-home mom until I'm ready to leave the baby at daycare. Crack out the apron! I figured now is a good time if any to take a well-deserved break and have fun with the money from selling the business and having a new baby. And I get to travel with Troy until the baby arrives, so you can just call us the gypsy family.
Milestones: Over half way there!!! Everyone always says "It will go by so fast", but honestly I feel like I have been pregnant forever. I think the having to be sober as the Pope doesn't help, but I really hope the second half isn't as long as the first. Especially when that involves me not being able to see my feet at the end.
Baby Brain Moment of the Week: I think it's just Bitchy Brain this week. Poor Troy. He has not won a battle yet as to where a picture is going to get hung. I tell him he has to deal with it as the karma in life for making me fat.
Weekly Belly Pic: Our master bathroom is now the size of my old walk-in closet :( And it seems my ass wants to grow along with my stomach. Stomach only, stomach only!


  1. Get thee to motherhood maternity, accept and EMBRACE the full belly panel! They are glorious :-) Still lookin good, Momma!

  2. I'm soo excited for ya'll! I love to read about baby Dolly! Don't worry about the bitchy I have been going through that stage for yrs!

  3. Jess you look great. I don't see the 15 pounds at all. Your grocery store sounds awesome...its like the step bellow fridge filler! I hope you guys are settling in nicely and enjoying how pretty the snow is.