Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We're in the 30's!!!!

31 weeks 5 days

How far along?
31st week
Total weight gain/loss: +4lb the last 2 weeks, +29lb total. Ok, I'm not pigging out what-so-ever and I'm on my feet with work now 8 hours a day. WHERE is all of this coming from?!?!? I'm officially scared.
Stretch marks? Skin is still perfect, well besides the skin as pale as Beetlejuice. Go ahead, I dare you to say it 3 times.
Sleep: I must look like a TLC pillow hoarder in the bedroom. I think I'm up to 6 pillows while sleeping- no joke. 3 around my head, 1 to hug, 1 behind my back, and 1 in between the legs. Troy hasnt gotten the hint either that he's only allowed to a 1/3 of the bed since technically I count as 2/3 now. This is actually a great point, and I'm totally winning this fight tonight.
Best moment this week: Hands down, it was the 3d ultrasound attempt #2 we had last Friday. After visiting a day care that oh-so-kindly informed us that fees are $2,000/month in this lovely rich suburb of Boston (gulp), we made our way to the ultrasound. We were thinking "This kid better be pretty darn cute for $2k a month" and I'm pretty sure we reached $10k a month- thank god. Results are of course posted previously, and I'm glad we got it done so I can now inform my OB that we need to be on Andre The Giant Baby watch.
Movement: All the time now, and it's starting to get uncomfortable. And it's totally the weirdest when I'm going pee. Relax child, I'm giving you more room in there!
Gender: None of you can convince me. You're all so back and forth! Now Troy thinks girl after seeing Chunky Monkey's cheeks, pouty lips, chin, and nose in 3d...you know, since he can see all of those things on me. I dont know what he's talking about...

Labor Signs: The labor of being educated. We went through our 8-hour Labor Prep class on Saturday. Great idea Troy. I guess he didn't have the extra 30lb of weight in an uncomfortable chair to think about. But it was very educating on what to do and when to do call and so on. I was bummed they didn't show a live birth video, you know the one where the woman is from the 80's and doesnt know what a razor is. I desperately wanted to see Troy's face and laugh (I know mean). But now here's hoping he doesn't run out of the delivery room now from oh-my-god-what-is-that ill preparedness. It was weird since we got a certificate at the end, like now there's proof we can be parents or something.
Food Cravings: Any and all liquids. Ok, well not the wine. Oh how I miss the wine. But anywho, I have an unquenchable thirst that not even a 32oz Nalgene of water every 3 hours can solve. I am contemplating just walking around with the double beer can hat deal with the straws right into the mouth. No, no, with water of course. I can see social services already showing up at our door.
What I miss: Me.
What I am looking forward to: 4-30-2010.
Weekly Wisdom: Being preggo is the ultimate VIP. We went to The Lion King production last week and got through an AMAZING first act. Man, what a show. And Troy was so cute since he reminded me we're continuing the Circle of Life...awwww. So anyways, it's intermission and of course I've got to pee. We walk to the lower lounge area and the line is hundreds of women long up the stairs. I then see an all-black dressed woman at the bottom of the stairs with walkie talkie in hand say "I've got one!" The red sea parted in the line, and I got escorted to the private bathroom for only preggos to use. GLORIOUS!!!! I have never felt so privileged...and more death-stared by the other women.
Milestones: Feet are gone from my sight and socks are impossible to put on. Troy's not allowed to leave town in April just so I can get shoes on and out the door. Doctor visits are every 2 weeks now. Next one is tomorrow!
Baby Brain Moment of the Week: Cannot spell. I actually asked how to spell "clothes" the other day, and it still didn't make sense after Troy reminded me of the 1st grade word. Of all words, I forget this one??!!??
Weekly Belly Pic: Very tired after work look...


  1. It's been a few weeks since you've posted a belly shot - helloooo belly! :-) You look great!

  2. jess you look great