Friday, July 9, 2010

The Advocate

I used to watch the commercial for Hillary Duff's anti-"That's so gay" campaign, urging teens to stop using the phrase that seemed to roll off the tongue a little too easy. The set was straight out of an after school special. Really Hill, this is what your career has brought you to? I could never pay attention to how true her message was, since the commercial was corny squared. There are some phrases in our vocabulary these days that we are too quick to say, and don't really realize the innocent people around us that we're actually hurting by saying it. The only thing we're allowed to call out as gay is Liza Manelli's Put A Ring On It in Sex And The City 2...I wanted to dance in the movie aisles.

I am going to ask you all something, and am only going to say it once nicely- please don't use the popular phrase "That's so retarded" anymore. Or "Stop being so retarded". It hurts me to the core to hear it now. When you're calling your freind out for being an ass, I'm thinking of my sweet daughter's almond eyes and how you totally just dissed my 12 pound 3-month old. And when sweet Lyla can comprehend what others are saying around her, I PRAY no one utters the "r" word in front of her innocent ears as well, that makes her blush and feel bad about herself. Or I'm going to have to get all mama bear on their ass. Or even worse, Nana will come after ya. Do yourself a favor and get rid of the sayings that mean nothing to you, but means everything to others. Expand your vocabulary.

Grrrrr. Ok, vent over.


  1. well stated! and holy wow she is 12 lbs already? she is going to pass alex's weight very soon. he was 13 pounds at his 4 month check up! we need to get on your feeding schedule.

  2. Very very true. Thank you for saying this!

  3. Well said!! I love you Jess.