Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Bad Day Turned Good

Lesson learned: don't let doctors scare the shit out of you.

We went in today for our CBC bloodwork, but Children's said they would not be able to confirm 1 of 3 possibilities until next week as they test for autoimmune neutropenia (basically means prone to bacterial infections but the disorder is short term). We were told if that was negative, then it's a lingering virus or the worst case of congenital neutropenia (very sick kid, no white cell production). Repetitive blood counts with white cells eventually coming back up would equal a virus, but it will probably take a while to come back up. If they never go up, a bone marrow biopsy would be able to confirm congenital neutropenia. All of this would delay surgery for months.

Troy & I thought we were going in for just another CBC (complete blood count), not an intro to Neutropenia like that was our diagnosis. The doc sat there and lectured us on it for 30 minutes. We walked away thinking our babe was going to be a sick little kiddy. Just one more thing to worry about. The rug was pulled.

At 7:30pm the surprised doc called to let us know Lyla's white count is back up from 500 to 1600! IT WAS A VIRUS! That bugger of a virus had us all scared, but now I'm so thankful it was just that! Your thoughts and prayers were answered, and I can't thank you enough. New surgery date to come!

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