Wednesday, November 10, 2010

OHS Day 1

That’s Open Heart Surgery for the inexperienced.  There’s a lot of acronyms in our bubble lately.

Long story short, IT WAS A SUCCESS.  She is doing amazing.  The dreaded moments of surgery are over and now we just have the uncomfortable days of recovery.

Timeline: anesthesia around 8am, incision was at 9am, heart/lung machine started at 10am, bypass ended with the repair complete at 11:30am, and doc was out to see us by noon to say Lyla was getting closed up and on her way to Cardiac ICU.  We got to see her at 1:30pm – to my surprise she was off the ventilator already with no central line in sight!!! This is unheard of in a good way.  She even took 1.5oz of Pedialyte around 6pm. Lyla Jane truly is a rockstar.

Lots of morphine right now (Hey Doc, can I get a little somethin somethin?), and lots of stirring with some grumbles.  But all in all, she’s doing pretty well.  The nurse even thinks we’ll be out of here early! (average stay is 7 days, we MIGHT be out in 4).

Of course I have a million words to say about the hardest day of my life, but we’ll save that for later.  Now I must get as much shut eye as possible next to her bedside.  But more like 15 minutes cat naps so that I can peek inside her hospital crib as much as a mama bear would do on her healing cub.

Sweet morphine dreams my little princess warrior.


  1. What a beautiful little girl! So glad things went well and that I ran across your blog!