Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tis The Season

The turkey carcus was swallowed up by some yummy day-after Thanksgiving turkey tortellini soup.  The family has made their way back by planes, trains, and automobiles from our little waterfront rental.  Our cozy ‘Grandmas Are In Charge” Thanksgiving is complete, leaving me stress-free to take care of the remaining bits of our tiny patient. 

2010-11-27 004pikAmazing how much has healed in only 2 weeks. 2010-11-28 004pikRalphie!!! I can’t move my arms!

2010-11-27 009

Rich Kahlua cheesecake for breakfast every morning is over…damn.  Thanksgiving 2010 is finito, but marks the kick off to The Holidays. 2010-11-25 003pik

2010-11-25 002pik

2010-11-25 012pik 2010-11-25 013pik
2010-11-25 010pik2010-11-25 005pik
2010-11-25 011pik 2010-11-25 026pik
My favorite time of year.

I was waiting for the house to quiet down back to its late night silence.  For the living room to be free of the holiday chit chat melodies and just full of the diamond glow from icicle lights hanging in the windows.  To be able to stare at our sparkling fresh-cut Christmas tree, standing 7ft. tall, peeking out the glass door with it’s just the right amount chubiness.  Our first real tree in years!  I feel like a true Northerner again.  Letting the evergreen perfume motivate my creative juices to put together a post on how The Holidays are the best fuzzy-feeling times an optimist could ask for.  2010-11-23 008pik

10 days since my last story, and I was now filled to the brim with all of the fun tellings of how bright our festive abode has been lately.  To show off my Target Holiday $1 aisle skills in some photographs.  To decorate this blog with “I am thankful for…” paragraphs relaying a message of appreciation I hope to pass onto my absorbent readers as they overlook our picturesque New England fall walk we took last week.  Of course I left my camera on the dining room table - right next to my pile of Make Sure You Grab This stuff that I always forget - so cell phone camera art it was.

2010-11-16_12.44.22 2010-11-16_12.43.25

2010-11-16_12.48.19 2010-11-16_13.15.17
Looks like this mom had a rough day!


But top of the list is to get caught up with some of my own inspirational readings through others’ eye-opening blogs, and I came across a heavenly woman who advocates for charities in need of being heard.  This one little faint infant cry was coming from her latest guest blogger, and Thanksgiving 2010 I am most thankful that I had my ears perked up on ‘Mama’s Super Ability To Hear Cries From The Shower’ mode to get wind of this baby boy featured.  I cannot begin to replicate her enlightening, impactful, profound message. So please, click this trooper’s picture to hear Cliff’s story from his angel’s mouth directly. 


As you can see from Cliff’s message, we have lots to be thankful for.  Not to pity his life, because it should be celebrated.  But I firmly believe will be changed by this cause.  We must be thankful that do-gooders exist out there.  That even though this advocate blogger’s life was turned upside down itself, she still found the sliver of time in her mommy days to make another child’s life hopeful.  To pull Cliff from the system where his tentative itinerary is the final destination of a cold institution, and instead detours him to a love-filled, kisses everywhere, bountiful hugs kind of home.

Sliding a $1 bill into the Christmas cheer ringing from the Salvation Army red bucket, even though the guy shaking the bell may look a little creepy, is the right thing to do.  Writing your name with black Sharpie on a cartoon turkey to tape on your local grocery store’s wall after a $2 Food Bank donation to fill a stranger’s Thanksgiving plate will make you feel better about purchasing that 14lb. turkey on the conveyor. 

Now taking this challenge – $5 or more to help Cliff find a mom and dad – will fill your core with warmth.  A mother and father that want him, but can’t afford the $20,000+ it costs to adopt.  Skip the gossip magazine you’d buy at the register, and instead give this little boy the Christmas gift that he deserves. 

If you’d like to take the extra step, please continue to give when you can to Reece’s Rainbow.  It’s the parent organization to Cliff’s cause.  They promote the international adoption of children with Down syndrome by raising money to give adopting families the extra financial help to bring a child with Down syndrome home from a miserable existence in overseas orphanages.  I don’t know how I was in the dark about Reece's Rainbow until now, but I am dumbfounded by it's overwhelming intention of giving all special needs kids a home. 

The lure of hyperlinked almond-eyes on an awaiting orphan, leading to another link listing all of the helpless faces needing homes has me in a mess of tears.  The guilt sunk me into the couch as I stared at all of these souls crying out for help.  I know it’s heartbreaking to see, but don’t let the heart ache make you look away.  Push through the pain.  Click, click, click.  Now I’m staring at pages showcasing which kids have been a glimmer of hope by fundraising families trying to get through the expensive, tangled process to take them in.  Click, click, click.  Feelings of raw envy for the stories of families who have fully adopted from beginning to end one, sometimes two, one couple chose THREE beautiful children.  And I thought it was hard to shower – holy multi-tasking props to you super adoption mamas!  The child’s before picture taken beside the cold crib rails overseas, right next to the glowing after pictures with a rosy-cheeked little girl engulfed in warm hugs by her new family.  Breathtaking. 

I hate to think of how these little darlings were given up in the first place, but gives me hope to see the good outweighing the bad through pictures documenting the new ear-to-ear smiles on these babes’ faces as their new Dad kisses their forehead.    The new Dad that was so selfless to help as long as money was not a factor.

Keep a place in your heart for the godsend Reece’s Rainbow organization that connects all of these forgotten kids to open-armed families.  Or do what I did and consider the true Christmas spirit – when you donate $35 or more to a specific child through Reece’s Rainbow Christmas Angel Tree before December 15, you will receive a Christmas ornament featuring that special child’s face that you have gotten one step closer to a mom to cuddle with.  Tis the season to spread gifts, so why not give a meaningful one instead of that over-sized remote control you found on the end cap at TJ Maxx?

113pik 134pik

045pik 048pik
121pik 119pik
131pik035pik044pikTis the season. Happy donation giving!

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  1. A message to everyone:

    Working at a retail store that is doing a fundraiser for a good cause, that only costs $1, you really get to see how many generous people there are, and how many downright selfish people there are in this world. Before I even finish my sentence of "Would you like to donate $1 for the National Down Syndrome Society today?", some people don't even let me get through the sentence before they say OF COURSE! (probably helps a bit that Lyla's irresistibly adorable pictures are staring at them), but some people don't even let you get through the sentence without rudely & abruptly saying NO! It's hard to bite my tongue and not say to these people REALLY?! It's only $1. Especially when they just spent $5 on a card that will just be thrown away, or $100 worth of ornaments & Christmas decorations that will just be packed away in a box & most of the time go unnoticed.

    The holidays are supposed to be about GIVING & SHARING YOUR LOVE...remember that the next time you come across a charity. Instead of driving through somewhere for your coffee every morning, buying that gossip magazine, lottery ticket, or anything else that is meaningless & will just be thrown away, save a few extra dollars each month and donate to a good cause. It's the best feeling to know that you have done good in this world and have done your part in making someone's holiday, and even life, bearable.

    We've raised almost $500 now for NDSS...and even more awesome news...instead of splitting the proceeds bewtween NDSS & Early Intervention, Dad said that he will match whatever I raise and donate it to Lyla's Early Intervention Program!! Both organizations win big now! However, after reading this, I'm going to take some of the proceeds and give it to this little guy in hopes of him getting a happy warm-loving home for Christmas. We can donate every single penny to each charity together for Christmas in honor of Lyla :)