Monday, November 30, 2009

We meet again!

18 weeks 4 days

Ultrasound day! Ultrasound day! What an amazing experience. We finally got to see this little guy/gal that has been poking everywhere lately. We walked in and immediately reminded the woman we did not want to know the sex. So she squirts that jelly on my stomach - of which by the way they keep that stuff heated now thank god - and puts the wand down. Boom! Immediately we see the spine and this baby sprawled out taking a nice little nap. I thought pancakes and syrup for breakfast would have our kid bouncing off the placenta, but no such luck. So she literally had to wake him/her by prodding and jiggling me with the wand...which worked! So the baby insisted that they look straight at the wand, which let me tell you looks like scary Skeletor's face, rather than the cute profile shot you can get from a side view. But after some more poking we got peanut to give us some beautiful pictures. One time when the baby was kicking back, I felt it and it was just such a sight to see. But I'm really skeptical of when you can feel it all in the latter months, since there was quite a but I wasn't feeling but we could see the movement on screen. That little bugger can dance! We got to look at the brain, and heart chambers, hands, feet, spine, umbilical cord (Troy had to be reminded he could not be proud yet and that was not a large penis), and stomach. She said everything looked great and the heartbeat was a healthy 135 (120 - 180bpm is good to go). He/she was once again measuring a little smaller for 18 weeks 4 days, so they pushed the due date again to May 3. That's it people! No more pushing!!

think I won the nose!

Tucked up in a fetal position with the back towards us.

Hands getting ready to box mama's stomach.

Little foot print.

Peacefully resting again.


  1. Early on I voted BOY, but that sure looks like a girl to me!! Jess, I've had mixed feelings about the sex of little peanut....but after seeing you in person and seeing the profile in this ultrasound, I swear it looks like you! :)
    I loved our vacation together, and considering everything you've got on your mind, you seemed to be relaxed...both you and Troy. I don't know how you two do it!
    Cannot wait to see you again.....XMAS!!!

  2. these pictures turned out great! looks like you have a cooperative baby. Ian always like to kick the probe off my belly when I was having exams and the heart beat check. Trust me you will feel all the little jabs as he/she gets bigger, especially those to your bladder :)

  3. Well, we call J's peanut a peanut if you know what I I'm voting that you have a self-fulfilling prophecy going on and you're gonna have a boy since you are calling him peanut!!!! :)