Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby Dolly, coming soon in 3D!

I decided to give myself the best birthday present ever- a 3d ultrasound session the day after I turn 29! :) I just can't bare the thought of no more ultrasounds at the doctor so I caved into the pregnancy hormones. We're booked to see the baby Sat, Feb 13 and I cannot wait! The whole thing includes a 15 minute session in front of a 84" screen, a CD with all of the 3d pictures on it & the live video from the whole session, an edited version on DVD set to music, 4 color prints to have right away, and determination of what baby's first word will be. Ok not the last one, but jees these people can seriously do it all! Of course we're opting to not take them up on the gender peek. I'll be 29 weeks, which apparently is perfect to snap the little one before there's no more room in there to move around to get some good shots. You better believe I'll be chugging the Mountain Dew right before I go in!

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