Monday, January 25, 2010

Third Trimester...Thank God

26 weeks 4 days

and this is how we feel lately...

How far along? 26th week
Total weight gain/loss: +1lb the last week, +22lb total. No comment.
Stretch marks? No stretch marks! But the belly button thing is getting weird. Not an outtie yet, but its very shallow. It was funny when my nesting thoughts kicked in and I realized that it will be the cleanest belly button I've ever had with nothing able to tuck down in there, and I was very pleased with this haha.
Sleep: I had a break down. After a night of 4 hours of "sleep" between the bed & the sofa (where there was more sleep on the sofa), I woke up and broke the news to Troy that we were breaking the bank account today with a new mattress. To my surprise, he was fully on board. Must have been the massive massage requests I've been making with the sore shoulders and hips. Tonight is the last night I have to sleep on the pile of doom, and I cannot wait until they deliver me my little slice of heaven tomorrow!!!
Best moment this week: Life-changing event described above.
Movement: The only thing I like about this pregnancy lately is the amazing feeling I get to feel when the baby is moving in there. It freaks me out sometimes how hard he or she kicks, but it's still in the fun stages where I just watch my belly bounce up and down with each David Lee Roth Van Halen stage kick. It reminds me to suck it up for the little baby that needs to pack on the pounds in there. Otherwise I'd be demanding, end this misery now.
Gender: Almost everyone who was team girl, is suddenly switching to team boy. Interesting.
Labor Signs: The labor of finding daily purpse. Rememeber all of those times you've said "I wish I could win the lottery so I never have to work again"? Trust me, I AM LOST without going to work every day. I have run out of projects and I just dont know what to do with myself. Reminds me of that White Stripes song. This whole stay-at-home gig would be a lot better with an actual baby outside of the womb to take care of, but in the mean time this is BORING. I have decorated all rooms, I have cleaned the holy hell out of the house, caught up on all morning episodes of Say Yes To The Dress and The Baby Story, walked around the neighborhood 1000 times, cooked dinner way more than I ever did, laundry, shopped till I dropped (literally fall to the couch when I get home), and read 3 pregnancy books. Now what???!!! Thankfully, I have an interview Feb 2 to see if I can get back in with Grainger before the baby pops, but we'll see if the male minds can get past the watermelon they're staring at.
Food Cravings: Tomato sauce craving=bad idea. The heartburn that I felt on Day 4 of Tomato Sauce Festival could have brought down Napoleon. This week I'm loving my safe Kashi cereal with a half gallon of milk.
What I miss: Calm Jessica. I feel like I have no patience anymore. "I want it and I want it NOW" is a common feeling. Troy has coined the phrase "grumptified" for when he can see my transforming into The Incradible Hulk. The term comes about a lot when I realize we've run out of cereal, when the waiter is taking forever, or when there is traffic. Easy hormones, easy.
What I am looking forward to: Reuniting with my former concert-junkie self and going to see The Guess Who Friday night. It was a Christmas present from me to Troy (and me haha). Get ready for your first concert baby! I dont mind if you jam out in there either- just watch the bladder so I dont have to miss any songs.
Weekly Wisdom: If you're a waiter and you have a pregnant woman as a customer- DONT make her wait for a refill on that water or tea. Our bodies are like Sham Wows with drinks and you need to keep them coming. And please get smarter when you deliver the water glass in something that looks like it's made for The Mayor of Munchkinland.
Milestones: 2 trimesters down, 1 to go. Seriously though, this isn't motivating since the first 2 felt like eternity. First trimester = yay, I'm pregnant, this is so fun! Second trimester = alright, this is ok, I can do this, ooo fun nursery decorating and baby stuff buying to pass the time, but I do miss the wine. Third trimester = this sucks.
Baby Brain Moment of the Week: Thinking the phrase "hot as Hades" was "hot as Haiti". Had no clue what Hades was until the laughing-at-me husband filled me in. Good to know.
Weekly Belly Pic: I'm getting scared that this is going to get a lot bigger. Troy please don't leave me.

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  1. i know it does not feel like it right now but try to enjoy being home if you can with nothing to will never ever in your life be able to do this sleep when you need to sleep, eat, shave your legs often, take long showers/baths, find a local class or group to get into or something to force you to get out of the house every me and if you still are feeling like you need to be doing something i will gladly let you come to my house and cook/clean for me :) only kidding. you look great and good luck on the interview.