Friday, January 8, 2010

New Doc Visit

New doc visit went good today. Facility was great, receptionist was a bitch (and even Troy called her out), nurse I had was hilarious and awesome, and the doc was thorough but sort of bland. I'm not worried though since I'll prob meet a couple other docs that practice there who might be delivering that day instead of mine. I've always been a team player so it works for me. It's an all-women facility, and the receptionist must be channeling all of the PMS. Just kidding, I guess we can all have those days.

Blood pressure is excellent, weight is right on track with my measurements at home (I like their office better already unlike the previous evil doctor scale that never matched my home scale), belly is measuring perfect for 24 weeks, and baby's heart rate was 150bpm. All-in-all, everyone is perfectly healthy...hallelujah. Doctors usually don't offer another ultrasound unless it's medically necessary after this point, so there won't be another one :( BUT the lovely money-making business minds of the world decided to capitalize on this fact, and started up businesses outside of your doctor's office that offer 3d ultrasounds for a fee, and Jessica is falling right into that trap. I think it's just unjust to make a mother wait 20 weeks to see her baby again!!! My old doctor's office actually offered this service in-house, but there are plenty in Boston that will give you a very cool glimpse inside the womb, versus the black & white 2d's where it's hard to tell a bottom from a face. Can't wait to see and share!!!!!!!!!

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