Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Technically, it's still 35 weeks, I made it just in time.

35 weeks 6 days

How far along? 35th week...but only 1 more hour until 36 weeks :)
Total weight gain/loss: 2lb the last 1.5 week, +32lb total. I'm pretty sure it's the 5lb of water retention all up in my face....ugh.
Stretch marks? N-O. Woo hoo!
Sleep: It's not sleep anymore. It's nighttime naps in 34 different positions with a bladder empty every time I roll over. I'm really trying to not complain too much, but I am just DONE.
Best moment this week: Between being diagnosed with temporary carpal tunnel, Troy leaving for his last work trip, having ankles bigger than my calves, finding out "friends" copycatted Fridge Filler as soon as we left Bama, my car battery dying, having to retire some maternity pants that dont fit anymore, doing taxes, and I'm sure as a result of all of this the doc restricting me to a 30-hour work week after a high blood pressure only good thing this week was discovering the best game show ever Minute To Win It. Freaking hilarious. Did anyone see Mr./Miss Southern Belle with the cotton balls?!
Movement: I dont know how babies do it. Baby isn't moving that much with no room, but I know all is well since I still have pelvis hiccups instantly after I eat or drink anything with sugar in everything. Hehe just kidding.
Gender: Starting to think boy now. For some reason when I say the names out loud, Carter seems to be more real if that makes any sense. I think this whole thing was just so Troy could be entertained with watching me go back and forth trying to figure it out.
Labor Signs: It's so weird when your stomach turns hard as a rock during the "practice contractions". I feel like Han Solo getting flash frozen. Ok, I dont know where that description came from after seeing that movie only once. But I'm pretty sure the feeling that Baby may fall out every time I stand up is a good sign we're getting closer. My hands seriously go there as a reflex.
Food Cravings: Troy seriously has all of the cravings. The other night he debated between Mexican and Chinese for 30 minutes, and we had already been out to dinner for him twice that week! Little shit doesn't gain any weight though. So not fair.
What I miss: I'm not even going to think about responding at this point.
What I am looking forward to: A baby in my arms.
Weekly Wisdom: Water is your friend. Slip on shoes are godsend.
Milestones: Last doctor's appointment was Tuesday (yesterday). 130bpm on baby (to which the doctor asked if we're having a boy- I said I dont know, are we?), my disappointing blood pressure for me was 130/80, and belly was measuring right on track at 36 cm. I think we start checking progress down there starting next Tuesday! Doc appointments are weekly now.
Baby Brain Moment of the Week: I believe I was actually intelligent this round...until I just had spell checker correct me on intelligent. I blame it on the tingly hands.
Weekly Belly Pic: I thought it would be fun to put the same shirt on to see the real difference from month 8. It feels like a world of a difference from 8 to 9. And the real reason being this is the only shirt that fits and is clean. Not my fault my maid has been out of town all week!

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