Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Wall of the Marathon

34 weeks 3 days

How far along? 34th week
Total weight gain/loss: 1lb the last 1 week, +30lb total. There it is, the big 3-0.
Stretch marks? I am proud of my skin to be able to say NO! I can tell there's still a little bit of stretch left to give since the belly button is still an innie. Barely an innie, so weird looking. And that whole linea niegra line is there but faint, all the way up and down. I like to call it my Prime Meridian.
Sleep: Back to bad. I have to switch sides at least 5 times a night from my shoulder making my arm go numb - not surprising since its like setting a 30lb weight on a garden hose. So when I turn over, I can feel every muscle in my stomach trying to lift & then support Chunky Monkey falling to the other side.
Best moment this week: My housekeeper came back! After a long 10 days of no sweeping and take-out, my husband is back to take care of this place that I simply cannot keep up with anymore. Seeing as I can't bend over to pick up the pen I dropped, there was no way in hell I was bending over to clean toilets. I believe our situation has housekeeper written all over it since there will come a time that he'll need to hit the road again, and instead of a belly in the way, I'll have the perfect excuse called a baby + career = I get what I want!
Movement: Starting to slow down a bit. I believe Chunky has bestowed this upon him/herself by stealing all of mama's food and deciding to be a porker. Not a wise decision little one when you only have so much room in there! Hmmm but on the other hand, sounds like I used to make the same decisions by giving into french fries when I knew I had a skinny pair of jeans with the tags still on them in my closet. Let's make a deal- I'll continue to feed you the good stuff if you promise to come out a week early?
Gender: No clue.
Labor Signs: We can answer this like it was meant to be answered now. We're Braxton Hicks'ing it up! Makes me excited to know that we're at least at the practice contractions stage. My lovely Troy says to me "I dont like the term Braxton Hicks, it sounds like a disease." Me: "You are unbelievable."
Food Cravings: My father's genes in me came out full force when I suddenly craved peanut M&M's. A trip to the store for them went along perfectly with the plan to buy him some bags as well to stuff into his birthday present package. I intended to send him 5 bags, and only 1 made it into the box :)
What I miss: Being able to enjoy a couple of tall Sam Adams Summer Ales outside on the first sunny, 70 degree day of the year. Troy made sure to do this in front of me yesterday though. This karma is coming back to you in diapers that look like Summer Ale, pal.
What I am looking forward to: Thursday marks 35/35. For those of you not educated on the new wave of baby board lingo, it means 35 weeks and 35 days left!!!
Weekly Wisdom: Milk the pregnancy card for all that it's worth the last 5 weeks. This will include handicap parking spots, turning over the chef hat to husband, blaming lateness to appointments on mild contractions, and going guilt-free when vegitating on the couch to "rest up" for the big day.
Milestones: Last doctor's appointment was Wednesday. 140bpm on baby, blood pressure for me was 110/70, and belly was measuring right on track at 34 cm. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt Monkey and just agree you had a growth spurt weeks 30-32. Maybe there's no need to freak out over a large baby afterall.
Baby Brain Moment of the Week: I keep second guessing if words are as I think or a close relative, and of course I'm thinking out loud in front of groups of people. I need to just retreat to a second grade vocabulary until I can get my college degree back.
Weekly Belly Pic: My beautiful 25-weeks pregnant bestie came and visited for a night. Season is my savior in this whole ordeal as we do not commonly share with the rest of the world's "warm and fuzzy" view on pregnancy. We like to keep it real and bitch about how we feel like we've been pregnant for years rather than weeks. But she is my enemy when she looks like she's not even pregnant in this picture and here I am, the whale. But I still love you.

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