Monday, November 23, 2009

Blog from the Beach

17 weeks 4 days
Baby's skeleton is hardening, changing from rubbery cartilage to bone, and fat is finally accumulating around it. The umbilical cord is getting thicker and stronger, and those little fingers and toes are now topped by one-of-a-kind prints.

How far along? 17th week
Total weight gain/loss: I'm not going to lie, I forgot to get on the scale before coming to the beach house that we're at this week. So I will say this- after eating huge meals that we're cooking up all week AND throw Thanksgiving in there, prepare yourself for week 18's weight update :) Hey I can't help it if they baby loves my apple/cranberry stuffing and the delicious Dicamillo's toast with cinnamon sugar!
Stretch marks? Skin is growing, stretch marks are not- THANK GOD.
Sleep: It's no b.s. when the pregnant woman world boasts about that little, lovely thing called the Snoogle. I thought, "How great can this pillow really be?" It really is heaven-sent. Sleep is now back to normal thanks to this contraption that some genious has made millions off of by just bending a body pillow. I even went so far as to making sure the 8-foot long sack of sanaity was packed for our beach trip this week. Troy looks at me like I'm crazy when he unpacks the car, but in reality he should be thanking Snoogle for me not tossing and turning like there are bed bugs in there with us.
Best moment this week: Being able to be at the beach with all the fam this week. Even though it's a bit cooler than the norm sun-soaking summers, it's still so relaxing and peaceful when you take a long walk down the white sand stretch. There's nothing like sitting and listening to the waves crash to melt away any worries that exist.
Movement: Fish swimming is turning into a bird pecking. A couple times a day it's like the inside of my stomach is lined with seeds that Big Bird is enjoying.
Gender: Since seeing my belly in person, my psychic mom has changed her mind to girl. Trust me, this woman is like Nostradamus.
Labor Signs: The labor of nothing. Vacation is glorious.
Food Cravings: Thanks to my grandmother bringing Dicamillo's to the beach, toast with butter & cinnamon sugar is a MUST first thing.
What I miss: Let's just say a wet bar FULL of alcohol at the beach house is not an easy thing to look at. Especially when the blender gets going.
What I am looking forward to: Turkey dinner, period.
Weekly Wisdom: It's not like it used to be and don't over-do it. Thinking it would be nice to go grocery shopping for everyone with a $1,000 receipt was not a good idea. Even in flats, the lower back was not thankful.
Milestones: Sold the business & rented the house all last week. NOW we can go to Boston.
Baby Brain Moment of the Week: Still having problems spelling and my documents always look the kid who's failing 2nd grade with all of the red marks.
Weekly Belly Pic: This should be interesting... pic before Thanksgiving.

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  1. Jess Congrats on selling the business and getting the house rented. Those are major accomplishments and should definitely take a load off. You look fabulous! Have a great time soaking up the sun on the beach with the fam. Have a great Thanksgiving and seriously take advantage of the schmorgesboard at your disposal! - Tills