Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eternally Grateful

It's time for my weekly shout-outs for the gracious gifts we've been receiving. I'm already overwhelmed by the feeling of gratefulness for the surprising gifts from generous family & friends. Of course I want to display all of the cuteness on here for everyone to see the fun stuff that I can't wait to use!

Thank you Danielle & Paul! Rattles, onesies, pacifiers, bibs, receiving blankets, and hangers...all great necessities. Thanks Jonathon & Mary Katherine for the funds for some more baby gear!

Thank you Donna & Laura for the precious-as-can-be hooded duck towel and washcloths. I can vision the cuteness-overload pictures that will result from this.

Thank you Grandma Margaret for the delicate little bib from San Gimignano, Italy! What a great souvenir and I'm scared about how dirty the baby will get it!!!

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