Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ok, what was that?!?

15 weeks 6 days

Oprah made my baby move.

Ok, further explanation of course. I was craving a Mountain Dew for some reason. And as I laid down with it for my daily dose of Oprah, she of course had some crazy moving story on with the lady who got mauled by a chimp. As I'm overly emotional with the sight of what is left of this lady, I feel something flutter inside like there's a bat in there or something. Ok I think the more "sweet" term that other mothers use is a butterfly, so I guess I'll hop on that train :) But I believe the combination of Oprah surging my hormones and a nice caffiene surge (don't worry mom, I only allow max 1 soda a day!), I believe I felt the first kicks! I felt it a couple more times, but no more so far. I will now be glued to my stomach like I am glued to Grey's Anatomy on Thursdays!


  1. Awwww....the first signs of "there's really something in there!!" It is amazing isn't it?
    In a few months it will be "stop kicking me already!"
    I was all giddy and emotional until I saw the Red Sox cap....oh no...already...and you haven't even moved there yet!

  2. I'm not kidding, only during Oprah did the baby kick again! Ok, it's def a girl if she digs Oprah.

  3. Either she digs Oprah, or she digs the sugar in the Mt.Dew!!! Or both!! :-) Congrats on the baby moving!!!